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Quality Management System Development

 I will work with your team to put improve your quality management system consistent with your company goals, size and resources following Basic ISO 9001 principles and advancing to compliance with Baldrige criteria.

Risk reduction

ISO 9001-2015 requires you to identify and mitigate risks.
I'll show you how to use PFMEA techniques properly to identify where you have risks in your business operations and supply chain.

 I will show you how to make a disaster recover plan that is simple and effective.  

One on One Coaching


Many companies don't have management training programs but still need to develop their leaders. Promote from within and avoid sink or swim propositions. Let me be your swimming coach for newly promoted leaders that are in deeper water.

Basic Quality Training

Do you need help learning how to apply basic industrial statistics to control your processes and products? Are you like  most companies who do a poor job at root cause analysis because no one has been trained? Let me show you how to get started and make it easy and fun! 

New product scale up

Many suppliers are good once they figure out how to make your product. The problem is that takes too long and too much money is left on the table at the start of aa new program because the manufacturing process was not well thought out and there are many quality problems.

Let me show you how to get to target yields and production rates faster so your can take advantage of being first to market with your product. .

Supplier Quality Management

Some suppliers are weak at managing their suppliers, especially on directed procurement items. I'll show you how to manage and improve your supplier quality, even if the supplier is your customer!

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