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I help companies achieve success by improving their quality leadership and culture.

  • Is your company in a Quality  "slump"? 
  • Has your quality performance fallen off?
  • Is customers satisfaction dropping? 
  • Are customers driving you crazy with corrective action requests?
  • Do you need someone who can serve as an executive coach for your up and coming stars of tomorrow?

 Sales may begin to decline just as costs for poor quality begin to mount. If unchecked, this can put your company out of business.

Using logic, data, and proven analysis techniques, I can help you pinpoint the sources of you  problems and show you how to make systemic corrections so you  can make a full and complete recovery.

I'll  help you improve your quality management system which will lower your costs, ubcrease your  customer satisfaction and lead to more sales.

I'll show you how to use data from your quality management system to create an effective marketing program that will help win new business from old customers and attract new ones while making negotiating easier.

Customer Quote: "Jim was able to see the underlying factors in of our complex problem and translate them into actionable tasks. He made the complex simple."

If you want to achieve "Stressless Quality",  call me now.


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